Friday, January 2, 2015

WWOG: Baking Outfit

Today for The Wonderful! World of Grace my new poppet is modeling her Baking Outfit. While I have no idea which of Grace Thomas' six major ensembles is the most popular with the consumer, it seems to me that this outfit is destined to be an iconic outfit from her line.

Her outfit comes with a teal tshirt with an artistic cupcakes and swirls designb, pink leggings, a black jumper-style apron, teal shoes, and a pale pink elastic headband.

The black "apron dress" features an embroidered heart and a snappy stripped bow, so this outfit already hits two of the three big design embellishments from Grace's collection (the third being the Eiffel Tower).

The back of the apron is quite unique with more bows as a design element. The poppet must step into the skirt and pull the ladder-style straps over head, securing the straps at the waist with velcro.

The pink leggings are not the soft brushed cotton of the leggings from a lot of the AG offerings and instead the fabric has more waffle weave texture. It is nice to see this level of attention to every detail in the outfit.

The teal ballet-flats style shoes are perfect--and topped with black bows made of string.

The headband is a soft pink and topped with another bow.

The GOTY designers have chosen once again to heavily brand Grace's outfits with tags. This outfit has two--on the bottom of the pink leggings and on the end of her sleeve on her teal "cupcakes" shirt.

I know some collectors dislike these tags, citing that it makes it difficult to use these outfits with other non-Grace dolls. My recommendation is to simply treat the "Grace" tags as an overall brand of which the doll simply does or does not share the same name. 

Both of my GOTY Isabelle dolls are renamed and still wear the "Isabelle" branded clothing. Similarly, Grace has been renamed and will continue to wear the "Grace" branded clothing--as well as some of my other poppets.

I really enjoy having my new poppet in something other than her Meet outfit. I feel like I got to know more of her personality in the process, not to mention getting familiar with the play of her hair as well as learning her "good angles" for photography. 

The Baking Outfit is extremely cute and every piece was terrific. Highest recommendation. A+

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