Sunday, January 25, 2015

Etsy Corner: Kitty Hats by Guppy Kisses

Astrid returns to model the darling Kitty Hats made by Guppy Kisses on Etsy. I first viewed these knitted kitten caps on an AG discussion forum and knew immediately that my girls would love them!

Guppy Kisses offers custom orders of these hat with several choices of color. I had such a hard time deciding on a color--plus several of my girls were clamoring for a Kitty Hat--so I ended up ordering three: a berry and a purple from a cotton/acrylic blend, plus a third lavender one knitted with a soft mohair blend.

One thing I really appreciate is when Etsy sellers take the extra time to smartly package their handmade products in a visually appealing way. Each hat from Guppy Kisses came in its own self closing plastic bag and she even included her stunning business card. These sorts of extra touches complete the shopping experience for me.

The craftsmanship is perfect--the stitches are even and the construction flawless. The fit of the hats was also perfect for my American Girl dolls.

Ingrid shows off the berry colored Kitty Hat.

Another view of the top and the little kitten ears. 

While Astrid and Ingrid have made claims on the purple and berry hats, the lavender mohair hat will likely be worn by Lilja (#55), though she is still waiting for an outfit change out of her holiday dress! However, some plans are afoot for a giant slumber party and pajamas showcase, so we will have to see what will come next.

The Kitty Hats by Guppy Kisses are not to be missed! The seller was prompt in her communications and professionally delivered on this custom order which can be placed on Etsy at her shop. Cute and reasonably priced, not to mention very well made. A+


  1. Great hats! I have a grey kitty hat in a slightly different style. It's purrfect for this winter weather we are having.

  2. Cool hats! I also love the quality of your pictures! Really nice :D