Thursday, January 1, 2015

AGPSF Flash: A Second Look & The Haul

In the AGPSF store this morning I managed to snap a series of pictures, though I definitely felt more in a rush than usual because of my own excitement and of course from the throngs of other excited shoppers. What I did not recognize until I got home is that the photos I did manage to take were primarily of the items I was not going to purchase that day.

So I offer my readers some photos of what I did not buy followed by a rather revealing "The Haul" photo.

But before I launch into those photos, I did manage to catch a snap of the Take a Picture with Grace station when no one was posing with it, though it took some patience. The fabric awning is a great detail and I am obsessed with the tiled roof of the Mansard styled french roof.

Above the picture station one can see the Eiffel Tower. (Count the Eiffel Towers!)

The City Outfit--little Bonbon looks unfortunately startled in this picture. I leave this "Love" outfit to purchase a bit closer to Valentine's Day (though I do bring little Bonbon home today).

City Outfit shoes. (Count the bows!)

Gloves and purse from the Paris Accessories. The texture on the shorts is fabulous and interesting.

The Bistro Set table. (Eiffel Tower!)

The Bistro Set table, napkin, food, carafe, and menu.

The Bistro Set sidewalk menu board. (Count the hearts!)

Grace's Pajamas. Another purchase for later. I am definitely ready to head out soon! (More bows!)

Grace's Travel Coat. Love the texture of the fabric. But not today. (A bow!)

Grace's Opening Night Outfit. I love the pink tulle mesh over sequins look. I thought sequins would be gone after so many in Isabelle's collection. I must admit, I am not tired of sequins yet--however, this is also a February outfit if I can hold out.

Cute Eiffel Tower earrings--it looks like they can be doubled up with the heart or bow earrings (Eiffel Tower! Hearts! Bows!) I need to find time to go back and purchase the earring set but not actually pierce her ears.

The above picture also shows Grace's Pastry Cart. Wait. I did bring this home--they were flying off the shelves (so to speak) and I decided that I would add the Pastry Cart to my purchases in the final minutes before checking out. While I plan to eventually get Grace's "Whole World," this was the one impulse/early purchase based solely on the store vibe.

Check out went quickly but we needed assistance to take our haul to the car. Enter Nick, one of the most sincerely cheerful and helpful sales associates we have ever met at the store. He even agreed to pose with all of our purchases and gave me permission to use his image on this blog.

Nick shared with us that he really enjoyed working for American Girl. He confessed to owning one AG doll, an Isabelle which he won in a contest. When I asked him if he was going to get a Grace doll he said he wasn't certain, but when I pointed out they both had blue eyes, I could tell the idea to get Grace had crossed his mind at least once before! (Note it was Nick's idea to pull Grace out of the giant red shopping bag for this picture! Yay, Nick! Yay, AG!)

One can really see the real estate difference between the French Bakery (bottom box) and the Pastry Cart (top box). The latter is not only a wallet saver but also a space saver! However, I was obviously not detoured.

Today's purchases include

Grace Thomas
Welcome Gifts
Baking Outfit
Baking Set (the mixer, etc)
Pastry Cart
French Bakery

I am looking forward to begin unpacking and photographing all the new items over the coming days and weeks. First up in The Wonderful! World of Grace will be a blog post later this evening with the first pictures of Grace right out of the box!

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