Saturday, January 10, 2015

WWOG: Bringing Home Bonbon

Today's WWOG Blog is taking a short break from unpacking the French Bakery and is giving Bonbon, Grace Thomas' adorable French bulldog, some attention.

Bonbon is completely plush bodied and soft to the touch. She has embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth. She is capable of basically her one sitting pose, though her face and ears manage to be quite expressive.

The black satin bow is sewn on just in front of her ear. It appears like it could be removed with a seam ripper, but I offer no guarantees on how much of a blemish the holes from the original stitching would remain visible. I like the bow, though I have heard other wish to remove it.

Her red collar and leash are also permanently attached her plush body.

Her red collar with bow is actually also a leash. The center "knot" of the red bow is secured with velcro and the accordion folds of the bow can be undone and turned into a leash.

Bonbon's face is very cute and her expressions like in the above photo seem to ask "Bring me home?" Conversely, this is also the face my real world puppies give me to ask for almost everything, but especially for treats!

I can see why Grace fell in love in Paris--with this little pup. Will Bonbon be coming home with you this year? (A+ for cuteness.)

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