Tuesday, December 23, 2014

AGPSF Flash: 'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

GOTY 2014 Isabelle sold out on American Girl's website on Monday, December 21st. But how is she faring at our local American Girl Place store today?

There is simply something magical about having a husband who works a mere three miles away from an American Girl Place store. And there is something even more magical and spectacular about a husband who is willing to visit AGPSF in the middle of his work day to take pictures and notes on remaining Isabelle stock for his doll enthusiast and doll blogger wife!

The initial reports for the day before the day before Christmas is that at least for AGPSF, Isabelle and most of her stock is in plentiful supply!

Isabelle's collection is still the main attraction in the front of the store. There are a good supply of Isabelle dolls in just this picture alone.

Isabelle's dance station for taking photos is still set up.

More Isabelle dolls are tucked here under the dvds. And there is a third section of Isabelle dolls tucked around another corner (not pictured).

Perhaps most surprising is that some outfits which have been sold out online for quite some time are now finding their ways onto local shelves. Here is Isabelle's Sparkle Dress in stock!

Also in stock at AGPSF is the Metallic Dress, Scrunch Pants, Purple Leotard, and Funky Leggings, all which are sold out online. AGPSF is also well stocked in Isabelle' Accessories, Kitten (Tutu), Coral Sweater, Performance Set, Pajamas, Rosette Leotard, and Makeup Set.

Unfortunately, the Dance Barre and Studio are not available, though a sign did indicate that the Dance Barre was only "temporarily" out--so perhaps as AG shifts final merchandise around it could appear again before the 31st.

So while most folks are finished with holiday shopping, any last minute shoppers may find themselves a lucky break at AGPSF if looking for Isabelle and her world of clothing and accessories!

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