Sunday, December 14, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Samantha's Holiday Set Unboxing

Posey, who is my BeForever Samantha poppet, was inspired by the pictures of Kini Zamora's red-and-black plaid dress and begged to be able to get out her new Christmas dress by unboxing Samantha's Holiday Set. So today's official Waiting for Grace activity will be more holiday preparations!

Samantha's Holiday Set is a large box because her holiday dress has been bundled by AG with her revised tea set. The box contains essentially three layers--the outfit on top, the tray and tea cloth in the middle, and the tea set on the bottom.

The cautionary note was appreciated! I plan to keep the entire box and styrofoam and stiff cardboard layers to be able to store the tea set components safely after use.

Ooh! Pretty! The tartan plaid is wonderful and the black lace detailing at the hem of the skirt divine. Posey noted that she would need to press out this dress before wearing it.

And look at the white lace bow! Posey can't wait to try it on!

On the upside of the design, the bow is attached to a scrunchie for ease of attachment, but this is also less than historically accurate. AG went for ease of play and practicality over historical accuracy here--a decision that I am sure does not please all customers. I am mixed on this. I have minimal hair styling ability so I appreciate the ease, but I love the long ribbons that came with earlier Samantha outfits that need to be tied on by hand.

Velvet books with bows and a pair of black tights. Posey was not thrilled with the velvet boots--they seemed very wrinkly. Maybe they will look better on.

Oh no, the velvet boots come with tiny heels. Posey is not certain she will be able to pose and stand securely in these boots if previous experiences with these sorts of heels is any indication. 

The next layer down in the box reveals the white tea cloth and silver-tone tea tray.

The tray is very nice and shiny, though the underside of the tray is already showing scratches (not pictured) just moments out of the box. Posey will keep you posted if more start developing.

And finally the tea set is on the bottom. I would have never bought the tea set had it not been bundled with the holiday dress. Let's face it, AG knew the holiday (Christmas) dress for Samantha would be a hit and could drive up profit margins by bundling. Well played, AG. 

The tea set itself comes with a teapot and separate lid, a teacup, saucer, and a set of three petits fours which do not separate. As a little tea set goes, it is cute, cut I don't have much use for a single place setting. Maybe it will show up in some photo shoots because it needs to earn its way!

Posey is thrilled with her new holiday dress and will return before the holidays are over and give a twirl in front of the camera. She has been so busy with the unboxing that she (and I) almost forgot that we were waiting for Grace!

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