Friday, December 5, 2014

Waiting for Grace: What's in a Face?

I want to make my best guess at what GOTY 2015 will look like before any any major photos or authorized reviews appear online. There are claims that she has been spotted in leaked photos, but I have not been one of the lucky few. However, while I have seen no photos of Grace Thomas, I have read some very vague descriptions on other forums and these of course have influenced my prediction below.

I predict that GOTY 2015 will be a light skinned classic face mold with medium-dark brown hair with moderately long hair, perhaps with a wave but overall not quite as long or wavy as the current MyAG 55. I also predict a side-part and/or side-parted bangs. Her eyes will be hazel. 

The closest MyAG to what I imagine Grace will look like is MyAG (JLY) 48, who was retired from the lineup in 2012.

So what does everyone think? Will Grace be an updated version of retired MyAG 48?

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