Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Ruby Ball Gown Set

While we are Waiting for Grace we can take a look at some American Girl holiday outfits and accessories from both the present and the past.

The big glitz outfit this year is the 2014 Limited Edition Ruby Ball Gown Set, offered in store only. Visiting the store recently I saw this dress on the lovely MyAG 46, whom I have admired for a long time.

The Limited Edition Ruby Ball] Gown comes with the gown, coat, shoes, purse and fancy barrette. While it was initially offer for $72, the price was dramatically slashed and as of today it is being offered for the attractive price of $50.

The gown has a lightweight (and stretchy) brocade bodice with a slanted neckline and asymmetrical shoulder. The bodice is very insubstantial and is nearly see-through. The skirt itself is made of layers of scalloped tulle which looks better from a distance than up close--the mesh of the tulle is rather coarse appearing for a gown purporting to be for a ball.

One of the best features of the outfit is the faux-ruby barrette which is substantial enough to catch the eye from across the room.

The white coat is both wonderful and curious. The wool (?) fabric is soft and I love the fur collar and cuffs. However the rhinestone buttons on each side of the opening are decorative only--there is no way to close the coat with the buttons nor is there any other kind of closure such as velcro.

The coat is unlined which is a missed opportunity for a real quality touch. The interior hems are well secured but I do still wish for that extra finishing touch of a lining.

The interior of the coat also has exposed tie offs for the rhinestone buttons, a rushed detail that also misses the mark.

The coat carries the "American Girl" logo tag at the bottom of the coat's hem. I rather like its subtle placement.

What is there not to love about gold slippers with glittery stones? The shoes appears to be very much another of the ubiquitous slipper shoe design, but it still makes the grade.

The purse is a perfect splash of red against the white coat, but its quality is much more toward play than quality. The gold clasp which is functional is made of the lighter plastic similar to the clasp on new BF Samantha's purse rather than the heavier metallic purse closures of old. Even so, as an accessory and prop, it is a terrific final touch.

Overall the Ruby Ball Gown a fine outfit, especially at the reduced price of $50. However, because of the lack of finishing touches on the coat and the overall very lightweight/insubstantial fabric of the gown's bodice and skirt, I may end up passing on this gown unless the price does an even more substantial drop. At $25 it would be completely worth it if only for the golden shoes, ruby barrette, and white coat. Yes, I complained about the white coat in the review, but it could be used in some fabulous mix and match outfits. So keep an eye out on the price of this one!

Overall Grade:  B

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