Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waiting For Grace: Let's Get Packing

Grace Thomas is headed to Paris and it is hard to imagine that she won't have some travel accessories. As I posted before, I am hoping for a vintage style suitcase in Strawberry Ice, but that wish is just the beginning.

Surely Grace will need a passport, a cross-shoulder purse, and perhaps some beauty items (chapstick, sunglasses, hair clips and bands) to take on her trip. So what else might be in store for Grace?

Today I went on a reconnaissance mission to check out another 18" doll line to see how they have anticipated Grace's arrival. Lo and behold there were two (2!) sets specifically related to oversees travel by airline.

The first set by Our Generation is the Bon Voyage Set which offers a small carryon duffle as well as a passport, sunglasses, snacks, a camera, and playing cards.

The larger travel themed set, the Well Traveled Luggage Set, again offers the passport (every girl needs a second passport, right?) plus a large rolling luggage case and other travel goodies.

This set offers airline food--not very appetizing looking, so true to the real experience... well as a cute kitty neck pillow and more personal care items (a clear toiletry bag is also included).

OG has put together two great travel play sets that make the grade, especially if AG misses the boat (or plane) and does not offer their own GOTY travel set for Grace. I certainly hope that OG was simply trying to beat AG to the market and that these travel sets are an indication of what might be to come in Grace's debut of accessories! 

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