Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Pajamas Party

While my own poppets are busy finding holiday dresses for New Year's Eve, my sister's poppets are dressing down for a quieter evening at home.

Madeleine and Noelle are in the new Fair Isle Pajamas, their Christmas gift this year. They are warm in their thermal-knit pajamas tops and coordinating leggings and slippers. The set also comes with a single berry colored mini terry hairband (not pictured).

In taking photos of the girls, it occurs to me that I have no doll sized bed and pillows to use as set pieces. Until now it never was very high on my priority buying list and most AG beds are quite large in terms of storage or display. While the current Boutique Bed is darling (as well as many previous offerings) I think I'll keep an eye out for future releases. It may also be a fun craft and sewing project as well, time permitting.

Noelle enjoys her turn in front of the camera. The thermal-knit top with its waffle weave texture features tiny buttons and cross-stitch details

The slippers are closer to a cloth sock than an actual pair of structured booties and for some reason the girls have a hard time balancing in them. This is probably because the bottoms of the slippers are not extra thick like the soles on more structured footwear. The fur cuff is plush and soft.

The American Girl tag is sewn onto the left sleeve.

Madeleine and Noelle plan to wait up until midnight on New Year's Eve (actually, just until 10pm California time) to see the official online launch of GOTY 2015! Their plans for passing the time until they get their first official peek of Grace Thomas include popcorn and pop, a new Frozen dvd, and enjoying the glow from the Christmas tree.

How will your poppets be spending New Year's Eve?

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