Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waiting For Grace: Happy Holiday Dress

Today's poppet model is my sister's gorgeous Madeleine, a MyAG 27. She is helping us celebrate more holiday glamour and glitz while we wait patiently for Grace.

Madeleine is wearing the 2014 Happy Holiday Dress, a spectacle of sequin and tulle. The deep royal blue is a classic color and the nod to a classic dress design means it will surely look great being pulled out of the doll closet year after year.

The ribbon bow detail at the waistline gives the dress an extra flair. The sequin overlay of the skirt has an asymmetrical hem, revealing the tulle layer. Under the sequin layer and tulle layer is an underskirt.

The outfit comes with a basic headband covered in a row of sequins. I have already removed the giant white fabric tag that seems to come with most of AG's headbands now.

Finally, the shoes are extra shiny with a metallic glittery glow and finished off with a silver ribbon bow.

This Happy Holiday Dress is currently available for $36 in both stores and online, a much more affordable option for holiday glitz and glam compared to the discounted Ruby Ball Gown (in stores only) which is currently on sale for $50.

The dress is well designed, well made, and with its classic color and cut, will look great for years. Overall grade:  A

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  1. I have that same dress, but my shoes are not as good as quality as yours are. There is no inner lining in my shoes. Instead, there's just a line of stitching and a raw edge. Thankfully, it's material that doesn't fray, but it's a little strange, all the same.
    - American Girl Doll Artist