Saturday, December 20, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Vintage Visions

The holidays are in full swing around the house now and the girls are all trying to decide which dress or outfit to wear for their upcoming group photo. One of their favorite holiday dresses is the Brocade Holiday Dress from 2013. Lilja volunteered to model the dress today in our vintage holiday highlight.

But her dress from 2013 is only a year old, isn't that stretching the definition of "vintage" even by American Girl and Pleasant Company history? Well, Lilja is posing next to Tree & Trimmings, Holiday Ornaments, and Perfect Presents from 1998. Totally last century, last millenium, even!

I could look at this dress all day. The pattern of the brocade is particularly clever as the gold highlights are actually tiny stars, a nod toward AG branding.

My favorite detail is the rosettes and velvet ribbon.

The sequined headband is a bit oversized but the florette of sparkle has grown on me over time.

Cream colored tights and classic AG slipper style cream colored shoes with a silver bow finish the ensemble.

The Brocade Holiday Dress has a coordinating off-white faux fur shrug as part of the Holiday Accessories. This satin lined shrug also coordinated with the other tea length holiday dress from 2013, the ruby-red Sparkle Holiday Dress with a mesh "bubble skirt."

The brocade dress is simply stunning and has looked charming on every girl who has worn it. The girls have two of them in the closet just for this reason. 

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